Sunday, April 10, 2011


This past week was a complete blur.

Summary, work was busy, nails were painted, photo tent was purchased (and will be returned), new polish rack was ordered, arrived and installed.

Whoops. I think that I already need another. This is less than half of the polish stash.

And what kinds of things does everyone else use for storing Konad/BundleMonster/Fauxnad plates? I have them in my Melmer right now...

Suggestions? Anyone?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

OPI Glow-ink In the Dark/China Glaze Atlantis

OPI's Glow-ink In the Dark,
Halloween 2009 Collection

This is a discontinued color from OPI's Halloween collection from 2009. I didn't get a photo that is viewable of it glowing, but I did find a decent photo of that at The Nailphile.

The polish was much more translucent than I expected and when I wear it again, I will most likely wear it over white, it seems to look better that way.

Overall, I was pleased with this color, it's a gorgeous cornflower blue/lavender on the nail, and it reads as blue when it's near something blue.

For polish that was almost two years old when I purchased it, it's not at all gloopy. This photo is three coats over a clear basecoat.

I had meant to do a coat of black shatter over it before I removed it but I was simply too tired to deal with it yesterday after going on a long bike ride. Next time, for sure.

China Glaze's Atlantis
I also have another mani to show you.

This one is China Glaze in Atlantis over NYC in French White Tip. (See, I can learn from my mistakes!) The Atlantis I found at my local Sally Beauty Supply on clearance for $1.99, and I couldn't leave it there. It's a translucent green base with holo glitter. I like it quite a lot. Application was smooth and this is two coats of Atlantis over two coats of French White Tip. The CG was great, as usual. But the NYC French Tip White was gloopy and gross. I will be adding a little thinner to it before I use it again.

Overall, I like the Atlantis mani, but I may be adding some black Konad to it before it comes off.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Konad argyle in purple with scotch tape

This is a mani I did with the two OPI Shrek purples, konad plate and scotch tape with scrapbook scissors.

Just want to see how the post looks from my iPad.

Polish Obsessed

I'm posting here in order to keep from continuing to bore my family and friends with my nail polish obsession. I'll start with the polish that I received today.

Today I received these beauties:

You may recognize this lovely box. But what's inside?

Rescue Beauty Lounge in Insouciant and Iconclast.
These are the fanciest nail polishes I have purchased so far.

I've only painted one nail with Iconoclast so far. Why? Because I also bought "Rescue Your Nails" by Ji Baek, and I want to read a bit of it before I paint my fingers with these beauties.

More on that coming up soon along with photos of at least one of these on my nails and a full disclosure on my nail polish stash.